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St Chad’s Friends have one purpose – to “preserve and maintain … this beautiful church”.

The Objectives of The Friends of St Chad’s are to co-operate with St Chad’s PCC –

Whereas the future of St Chad’s Church is best assured by its continued use as a place of worship, the purposes of The Friends of St Chad’s, an independent charity, are more temporal than spiritual.

The Friends exist to allow anyone of any faith (or none) to contribute financial or other help to keep the building of St Chad’s safe for future generations to own and enjoy. Thus all contributions go directly towards building maintenance and are not spent on activities of worship, or by the Church of England.

Over the years the Friends have made significant contributions to the upkeep and development of St Chads; click here to see that list

The Friends raise funds by organising social and cultural events. These events include offering refreshments during the Shrewsbury Flower Show in August and the Christmas Tree Festival in December – which events generate over £3,000 used for the upkeep of St Chad’s building.

The Friends receive support from Shropshire Historic Churches Trust and participate in the annual ‘Ride+Stride‘ events each September, this year 2016 it takes place on 10th September – for the latest newsletter, please click here.

Please contact us if you could help with any of these activities.

We also accept donations and legacies, the latter through the Memorial Fund (see below).

For more information on becoming a Friend (Life or Annual Member), or to give a donation, please e-mail:

The Friends of St Chad’s MEMORIAL FUND

This is a separate registered charity independent of church control and dedicated to the preservation of St Chad’s Church building in Shrewsbury.

In the twenty years since its inception, donations and legacies to the fund have grown to £150,000. The capital is kept intact with only the interest from it being used to help keep the church building in good repair. This means that there is an increasingly steady flow of money ready to put towards the up-keep of this valuable building. Costs are always rising and up to May 2008 a total of £66,000 has been provided towards repairs to the church roof, the portico and the tower. As further donations are made to the capital, so the income available each year increases.

Lifetime donations can be augmented by Gift Aid and should you leave a legacy in your will, your money will continue to support the church for many years after you can no longer spend it yourself. The Memorial Book inside the church records the names of all those in whose memory money has been received. Please contact if you would like to donate to this important fund.

Please click here for further information about the Memorial Fund.

Friends funds are raised by organising about six social events each year, including teas during the Shrewsbury Flower Show in August and the Christmas Tree Festival in December. A historical lecture series concerning the Georgian period in the context of the rebuilding of St Chad’s in 1789-92 has been highly successful in the recent past. Over £2000 is collected yearly, all being used to maintain. The Flower Show teas in 2012 raised over £2,800 for Friends funds and in 2013, £2,056,  – which will be used for upkeep of St Chad’s building. Please contact us if you could help with these activities at either of these times.

To become a Friend at £10 each year, or to give a donation, please contact Please contact

Helpers at the Parish Hall Teas having fun!

@Friends' coffee morning May 2008

Social events include concerts, guided country walks, coffee mornings and  historical lectures. The St Chad’s Memorial Fund is a resource which uses the interest on previous legacies to contribute to the up-keep of the building – and thanks to its imaginative concept, it will continue to do so year after year. Please click here for further information about the Memorial Fund.

J H Patrick

John Patrick (pictured left) is Chairman of the Friends of St Chad’s. He appeals to the people of Shrewsbury, to visitors from abroad and to those from other parts of the United Kingdom to help the Church care for the fabric of the building, without necessarily being part of the religious life of the church community. This will continue so that St Chad’s Church, built in the 1790′s as part of Georgian Shrewsbury, remains an architectural and historical gem within the loop of the river Severn in the centre of Shrewsbury overlooking the Quarry Park. The Friends hope that everyone will see that this remarkable circular church has an increasingly important part to play in the life of Shrewsbury and would agree to support them in their aim to raise money so that future generations are able to view the Church and enjoy all that it has to offer.

John invites you to join the Friends (annual subscription £10) and to contact him with any queries at

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