13th March 2020

Dear parishioners,

I know that this is a time of great uncertainty for many, and I along with our Churchwardens and PCC will strive to do all in our power to keep you informed and safe. I know that we are a loving and compassionate benefice and we trust that you will support us in making sure our common life is safe for all, especially the most vulnerable among us.

Your church leadership is taking clear measures to ensure your safety at church, including additional cleaning and conscientious review of our current methods of stewarding and serving. We will continue to keep you updated and well informed of this ongoing situation.

We need your help. For the time being we ask that you:

1 Not shake hands or hug. Please observe some social distance. Instead, greet one another with: a “peace sign” peace in British Sign Language (we’ll teach you) elbow bump a wave a bow
2 Per the instruction of the Bishop of Lichfield and the Church of England’s House of Bishops – there will only be communion in one kind. In other words, we will only be distributing bread (wafers)
3 We will receive communion standing. Please proceed to the alter, as indicated by sidespersons, where the servers priests will offer communion.
4 Please maintain social distance in seating and conversation. Please do NOT let this prevent you from greeting and having a wonderful chat with your neighbours. Especially at a time like this, we need to strengthen our connections with one another.
5 Call or write people you know have been unwell. We all need encouragement, especially when we are under the weather.
6 Please call the church office 365378 or Mother Peters 07984 956 799 if you are unwell or someone you love is unwell. This information will remain confidential. We want to support you and your loved ones, and this will allow us to do so.
7 Above all, keep love and hope in your hearts. If you are feeling anxious, turn off the television/Ipad or put down the newspaper. Rest. Pray. Call a friend. Watch a movie or read a book that makes you feel happy. Please take care of yourself.

You are profoundly loved. We are so blessed to call this benefice our spiritual home. Be good to one another and shine Christ’s light wherever you go, this day and always.

Blessings and love,

Mother Peters