Church Family Working Group

The ‘Church Family’ Working Group

The Church Family Working Group aims to assist in building up the Body of Christ at St Chad’s, valuing all opportunities for meeting as a church family and nurturing relationships, whilst keeping in mind that we are a dispersed people of all ages.

The Working Group meets approximately every two months or so in order to discuss, plan and facilitate a range of events and activities for the family of St Chad’s Church. These have recently included: church mini-breaks at Rydal Hall in the Lake District, regular Country Walks, a Town Treasure Hunt, an Ethiopian Evening, the Harvest Lunch, the Annual Church Conference, Quiz Evenings, House Groups, the Christingle Party, and the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party with ‘entertainment’ etc.

We encourage and appreciate receiving reports on activities of our various church organisations – e.g. (a) Updates on Children and Families work, (b) our Mothers’ Union branch, (c) the Wednesday Group, (d) the Pastoral Committee (including ‘Teas for Seniors’), and (e) challenging ‘End of Life Care’ presentations by Professor Keri Thomas, etc.

All these events help to provide opportunities for us to meet together, to grow in faith, to enjoy friendship and companionship … and to have a bit of fun! Such activities rely on the good will, time and talents of many. To all who give such voluntary help we say ‘thank you’ and hope you’ve also enjoyed such experiences. We also say ‘thank you’ to everyone who has turned out to participate in any of these activities. Your ideas and offers of help will always be welcome. Providing we can assemble the necessary personnel with the time and talent, we’ll do our best with your help, to bring your ideas to fruition.

Future activities are communicated via the weekly pew sheet.

Membership: Marylyn Booth, Jenny Burgess, Janis Crake, John Elliott, Lesley Hall, Beth Holgate, Sue Joscelyne, Christine Saunders, Vivienne Lawson and Dave Treweeke (Chair – Tel: 363095).

Please follow this link for the 2012 Annual Report of the Church Family Working Group.