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Communications Working Group

Our focus is to consider the face we present to the outside world, and our communication of the good news of the gospel as well as to improve our internal communications. We have our own budget and are able to make decisions within that limit. Notes of our regular meetings are circulated to members of the PCC to whom we are accountable and we hope that things achieved in our Working Group lessen the workload of the PCC.

This Working Group is currently chaired by David Leeke with Claire Crackett as treasurer and Heather Treweeke as secretary. Other members are: Phil Lapage, Malcolm Booth, Ann Matthews and Tina Richards. In addition the following staff members are specifically invited to meetings: David Tudor, Marianne Brown, Lesley Hall and Nicky Matthews. Although this may seem a good number of people, in practice specific tasks are frequently taken on by an individual(s) reporting back to the meeting as and when necessary. Should you be interested in working within the area of communication we would love to hear from you and are particularly keen to hear from anyone with good computer skills and interest in internet and website issues.

Please follow this link for the 2012 Annual Report of the Communications Working Group.

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