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Fabric Working Group

This small group, currently chaired by Stuart Gouldbourn, is composed of one Churchwarden (Tina Richards), a Secretary (Patrick Anderson) and three or four other members of the congregation (Adrian Richards, Bob Scaiff and Adrian Roberts) with an interest in, or special aptitude for, the preservation and maintenance of the fabric of the church building, its contents, the church hall and other properties that are owned by the PCC.  Selby Martin is also ‘on hand’ to advise on certain matters if required.  The Group is also involved to some degree with the further development of facilities in or attached to these properties and any proposed improvements to them.  Their brief is to undertake such repairs or maintenance as falls within their annual budget, and to make recommendations to the PCC in the case of any proposed expenditure that is either necessary or advisable which would be more costly or more controversial.

The group meet at least five times a year, and often about two weeks before a PCC meeting.  Our concerns can be very varied, such as the maintenance of Fire Exits and Security, repairs to the Tower, Organ, doors and windows, or Forecourt, the Hall, St Chad’s Cottage or No. 1 St Chad’s Terrace; also regular clearance of gutters and downpipes, servicing of the various boilers and clocks, and electrical tests – including the Lightning conductor and floodlights.

With regard to recent improvements, the new demountable choir stalls have taken the place of permanent ones.  This has allowed a much larger area in the centre of the nave for performers, both dramatic, musical, or for a large screen if required.  Other improvements would need considerable expense, but they may in the future mean better lighting, more audio-visual equipment, improved storage facilities (badly needed), and a more inviting new inner porch.  Further more radical improvements may be being considered in the future, but they are not simply the province of the Fabric Group.

The Fabric Working Group meets to ensure that the day to day tasks of maintaining the fabric of our beautiful building are met. If you have particular skills or interest that can contribute to this very important voluntary work, please contact the Vicar or the Chairman of the group, Stuart Gouldbourn.

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