Daylight 14 May 22

Daylight 14th May 2022.


Part 1.


Chris Walker introduced a picture by Sieger Köder called The Washing of Feet.


You are encouraged to look at it (we did NOT use the liturgy also on that page).

The picture is online Maundy-Thursday-I-Liturgy-to-use-at-home.pdf (


Two questions: “1. What thoughts occur to you as you look at the picture?”



Maybe write down some ideas and observations that occur to you.





Next question: “ 2. Where do you identify yourself in the picture?






Below are some things that occurred to us.

What had we  noticed? (in no order at all):

  • the face of Jesus reflected in the water looks sad – why? Impending death?
  • the face would not be visible in the reflection unless it radiated its own light.
  • there is broken bread and wine on the table – the last supper and our communion.
  • Jesus’s hands and feet are somehow highlighted – a prelude to the nails on the cross?
  • the water in the bowl in somewhat luminescent.
  • the colour of royalty is in the carpet.
  • the stool is half on and half off the carpet – the disciple is in the process of becoming Christ-like.
    cf 1 Peter 2:9-10: “….you are a royal priesthood….”
  • There is tension in the disciple (presume Peter) who is both pushing Jesus away with one hand and embracing him with the other.
  • There is tenderness on the disciple’s face, and his head is resting lovingly on Jesus’s back.


And where did we identify ourselves? All different!

  • At the doorway looking in.
  • Next in line to have our feet washed.
  • The ‘Martha’ reaction – what can I do for you all?
  • With Peter, in tension: both embarrassed at the kingly servant kneeling in front of us, dirty feet, inner thoughts exposed and all, but yet feeling so loved in the process that we are irresistibly drawn in.

The discussion process was very helpful.


Part 2.

We then noted that there were some friends who had become house bound, who might yet like to take what part they can. Maybe a hybrid meeting with zoom as well (though as yet there is no internet in the church) or – as witness this document – a resumé, to be sent out.



How can we best play our part in the communion of believers?

Key feature – please pray. Prayer underpins all the work of the church (people).

Let us not be hesitant in bringing prayer requests forward.

  • For ourselves: our spiritual journey, our understanding of our faith, for indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Thanking God that, baggage and all, his love has enabled our salvation and we can give the baggage to him.
  • For others: absent or infirm friends, our clergy, our communities.
  • New development: please pray for guidance as we seek to understand more fully the wider Ministry to the Town. Pray that this will be God-led.
    It is a phrase used by the Archdeacon both to St Chad’s PCC (last September) and to the Abbey’s PCC (last week) and he sees it as instrumental in the way forward for both churches, each one in an interregnum. But it would be sensible also embrace other Shrewsbury churches: the mission is too big for any one church to do it all, and in any case there is quite a lot going on in other churches already. There is a meeting proposed on June 15 to explore this further using the Sunrise (breakfasts) as a vehicle to invite an ecumenical representation – details to follow. Noted that Lichfield diocese splits mission into four categories: pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.
  • Please also pray for peace, for safety, and that the name of Jesus may be apparent in all that is done.


We closed with prayers which reflected that.


Next meeting: Saturday June 11th.