An overview of the education opportunities at St Chad’s.

 St Chad’s is a unique late 18th century Georgian church.  It is a key building in the history of Shrewsbury and stands in area rich in Georgian heritage. To achieve its circular design the architect George Steuart used his connections with the Ironmasters of Coalbrookdale to create a metal structure that was at the time at the cutting edge of design and technology.  It has important examples of art and craft as seen in its early wrought ironwork [with an interesting provenance], Victorian stained glass and early Edwardian carving that, along with its external and internal architecture gives pupils and students much to explore, record and research. The chapel makes a strong connection to military history and the contribution of the KSLI in significant campaigns of the last 250 years.


Key points of interest from the interactive plan.

This plan gives the visitor, of whatever age, a useful starting point with which to explore the church.


The NADFAS trail.

This trail, developed by the Shrewsbury branch of the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Associations, is designed to offer young people an enjoyable learning experience as they record their answers and learn more about the building, its history and the people associated with St Chad’s.

Download a copy of the NADFAS trail here


Specific curriculum themes that can be explored.

 By using the NADFAS trail pupils and students can explore in more detail specific curriculum themes. For example:


  • The early saints and the place of St Chad in the early settlement of Shrewsbury.
  • How St Chad’s reflects how Shrewsbury benefited from the wealth and development of the Georgian period.
  • To learn more about the Ironmasters of Coalbrookdale – especially William Hazeldine and his association with the architect of St Chad’s George Steuart.
  • Consider how the design of St Chad’s was aided by the development of using iron as the basic structure for new buildings in the late 18th
  • How is stained glass created? The stained glass windows throughout the church provide excellent examples of creative techniques.
  • The architecture of St Chad’s has strong classical features. From the columns at the entrance to the church to the columns and pillars within the church.
  • Explore the military links to WW1, WW2 and the Korean War in which the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry were engaged.


Religious Studies

The vicar of St Chad’s, Father Mark Chadwick, is happy to contribute to the learning of pupils and students in their religious education studies. Contact Father Mark directly if your school would wish for him to support this area of your curriculum.