Freshers’ Getaway


Are you starting at Uni?

What a great time to explore and develop your faith. We encourage you to link up with a local church or Christian Union when you get there. Embers burn brighter when they are close together!

Several Unis run freshers’ getaways – these are a great way of getting in touch with others and finding your spiritual feet in a new location: Cambridge, Durham, Leeds, Loughborough, Nottingham, Oxford, Warwick. Details are below.

But if your destination is not listed, you can link up with any university CU in the country using the following link Starting Uni – UCCF: The Christian Unions.


Unis holding a freshers’ getaway:

Cambridge (CICCU):

Durham (DCU): Christian Union @ Durham SU

Leeds (LeedsUniCu, Leeds Beckett CU, Leeds Arts CU, Leeds Trinity CU, Leeds Conservatoire CU):

Loughborough (Lboro_cu):


Oxford (OICCU):

Warwick (WCU):


This information on this page comes from UCCF, the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship. Their statement of faith, which explains a bit more about our beliefs, can be found at the following link Doctrinal Basis – About – UCCF: The Christian Unions. “We’d love to welcome all freshers who know Jesus to come on the getaways, even if they wouldn’t agree exactly with everything on there.”