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Information from both Lent courses and on the prayer and meditation resources available for the season can be found on our blog.  Do visit it and add your comments.

Lent Book Course – Wednesdays 11.20am (following 10.30am Eucharist) from 1 March

The Archbishop’s 2017 Lent book ‘Dethroning Mammon’ challenges the reader to use Lent as a time of learning to trust in the abundance and grace of God. Books are available to purchase. If you are interested please speak with Verger Gareth Ingham ( or The Reverend Chris Walker.

Lent Study Course – Thursdays 11.20am (following 10.30am Eucharist) from 2 March

The United Kingdom is in the process of leaving a large voluntary association of nations; current statistics for the mental health of this country’s population display many worrying signs; I can change a bank standing order in seconds via my mobile phone; much of what we buy day by day is supplied by huge companies of international character, with their manufacturing bases in Asia; the sexual inclinations of a member of our family prove not to be exactly what we imagined: today we inhabit a world radically different from that in which Holy Scripture is set. Yet we believe the life and word of Jesus Christ remain fully indicative of the mind of God and continue to offer us the unique guide to truth, virtuous living and right relationship with God.

The Lent Course ‘Being A Christian Today’ will try to explore how we might bring together our daily experiences and the emphases of the New Testament, rejecting crude or simplistic applications of Holy Scripture on the one hand and, on the other, refusing to be bullied or beguiled by the distortions and excesses so prevalent in the modern world.

Before each meeting, introductory material will be circulated to all who provide an e-mail address. After a brief introduction of the theme on the day, members of the group will have full opportunity to exchange reflections, questions and personally-felt challenges. We hope and trust that a richer and more reliable understanding will be given to us by the Spirit of God as we listen and speak. Nothing less than a fuller discipleship will be our aspiration and aim.

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