Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement – Open doors, Open hearts, Open minds

Mark Thomas, Vicar of St Chads, ShrewsburySt Chad’s and St Alkmund’s churches seek to be a welcoming, inclusive community of love and service in Shrewsbury, open to God in the adventure of Christian faith.  This statement was unanimously adopted by both PCC’s in July 2012

Open doors

Our church doors stand open from 8am until 5pm from Monday to Saturday and on Sunday mornings, and many drop in to find sanctuary in a busy world. This also implies that our worship, its music and the language we use strive to be fully inclusive of male and female, young and old, black and white. Our aspiration is that an atmosphere of encouragement should prevail, in which all can offer their gifts to the glory of God and the benefit of others.

Open hearts.

This points us out into the community. St Chads has always understood itself to be aiming to inspire and encourage its worshippers to play their full part in the life of this town, the county and the diocese – and indeed further afield. We aim to express in our individual and communal living Christ’s love for the world, and to be a place where people are made to feel that they matter. It also means that we try to advocate justice for the poor, the oppressed, the excluded and the marginalised.

Open minds.

We are all seekers after God – none of us has full possession of the truth, and it is our privilege and responsibility to accompany and support all those who come within our care on their particular journey of faith. “Growing in faith” courses are run regularly through the year. Each of us has a responsibility to grow in relationship to the God who is revealed in the person and life of Jesus Christ, and to do so through regular worship, daily prayer and study of the Bible. We strive towards the Benedictine rule of mutual obedience, where the loudest voices do not dominate, and where we recognise that the Lord often reveals what is better to the newer and younger minds.

That is the sort of church we aim to be, and my prayer is that your engagement with St Chads will enrich your life throughout the coming years.



St Chad’s is pleased to be affiliated to Inclusive Church