Serving beyond Shrewsbury

Serving beyond Shrewsbury

“Open doors, Open hearts, Open minds” is intended both to express how we see ourselves now, as well as our aspirations for the future. Our practical outreach into the community at home and abroad seeks to express Christ’s love for the world and we try always to be open to the challenge of new ways of service.

Regular awareness and involvement

Whilst trying to support a wide range of national and international charities in some way at some point in the year, there are a few which attract more visible support in our congregation. Every month a letter is written in support of an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience and this is signed by most of the congregation. In addition, many church members take part in the annual Amnesty’s Greetings Card Campaign. We aim to bring an end to unfair systems of trade which trap the poor, and make a difference for those who are exploited by current trading practices. We are registered as a Fair Trade Church and we hold a monthly Traidcraft stall at church. The Wednesday Group regularly raise awareness and funds for Action Aid and of course collections and fund-raising for Christian Aid are organised during Christian Aid week. Our own Disaster Fund is maintained from mission funds, Christmas and other special collections. It is distributed according to immediate need and critical conditions on a world scale.

Financial support is given to these national charities

The Children’s Society working with and for children who are marginalised in society.
The Church Army working outside church buildings and throughout the world.
The Church Housing Trust giving homeless people chance to turn themselves round.
The Church of England Pensions Fund supporting nursing homes for retired clergy and their widow(er)s.
The Church Urban Fund helping the poor in our cities.

Financial support is given to these international charities

ACET helping to prevent AIDS and to alleviate suffering.
Bible Lands Society supporting needy institutions in Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt.
HART – Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust
The Bible Society printing and distribution of scriptures.
Church Mission Society supporting and encouraging indigenous churches and community projects. Anne Lapage our Mission partner (pictured below) working in Tanzania for CMS has her own blog.
Feed the Minds supporting literacy programmes in third world countries.

Iraqi Christians in Need Supporting the Christian Church in Iraq.
Leprosy Mission working with individuals and communities to uphold human dignity and eradicate leprosy.
Mission Aviation Fellowship taking medical aid as well as promoting the gospel to remote parts of the world.
Self-Help Africa helping farmers in rural Africa to be self-reliant.
Signal supporting children with sensory impairments in Africa.
St James School, Zimbabwe whose motto is success.
The United Society of Propagation of the Gospel enabling people to grow spiritually, to thrive physically and to have a voice in an unjust world.