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Hope in a Distracted World

A series of monthly meetings, using the benefits of Zoom from this country and around the world.  People in different walks of life sharing the challenges, the joys and the story of their lives and faith in different cultures.

Tuesday 5th October, 7 p.m.

African Adventures of Faith under Fire,

Speaker: Simon Guillebaud, founder and International Director of Great Lakes Outreach 

Burundi is a small densely populated country in central Africa. It has suffered from Civil War: over 300,000, most of whom were civilians, were killed in the second civil war of 1993-2005. The conflict was between the two principal ethnic groups, the majority Hutus and the Tutsis. Simon started work in Burundi in 1998 and set up the Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) organisation in 2003. Indigenous groups are supported financially by GLO to bring healing and restoration within the country, reaching out to the military, the dispossessed, prostitutes, street children and the poor by combining evangelism with transformative social programmes.

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Hope in a Distracted and Fractious World: Archbishop Moon Hing (

Former Archbishop Hing’s faith journey from a Buddhist family to his calling as a priest and later bishop with some of the challenges and joys along the way. He speaks from the experience in a Christian minority culture, but a hopeful and growing  Christian presence in South East Asia.



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