Who’s Who at St Chad’s Church

 * WIP awaiting photos.

We are currently in an Interregnum; however following a meeting with the Archdeacon we are preparing to advertise for a full time Vicar. This is likely to take place early in 2023.

Thanks to the generosity of a number of retired and local Clergy we are able to continue with our worship.


The Clergy:

Rev. Chris Walker      Rev. Alex Aldous    Fr. Stan Swift

Rev. Gavin Williams  Canon Robert Parsons     Padre Jason Clarke*

Rev. Martin Wilson*,      Padre Pat Aldred* (also licensed to the Abbey)


The Wardens:

  Sue Kelly         Jo Hepper


The Music staff:

     Tony Pinel – Director    Richard Walker Assistant director


The PCC:

  Susan Kynaston – Treasurer      Philip Lapage – Secretary

Martha McKirdy – Safeguarding    John Clark – St Alkmund’s rep

Ian Sawers      Michael Vout      Vyvyan Llewellyn


Important people:

Stuart Gouldbourne, Alun Lines, Brian Cowen with Fr Stan

Nick Patterson     Scott Rosenberg*     Chris Titley*

Jeff Vernalls,      Phil Hartshorn,

Scott McCausland     Ian Marchant*

Alan Carvell


There are more – many more – who help. Readers, Servers, Intercessors, Coffee helpers, Stewards, Friday lunches, Hall cleaner, everyone! Thank you all so very much.


To get in touch please contact [email protected] or call 01743 365478. All queries will be directed appropriately.


1 St Chad’s Terrace, Shrewsbury, SY1 1JL

Tel: 01743 365478 (office hours)

[email protected]