We invite you pray with us

Prayer changes things.

May we suggest these things for particular focus, among others?

For yourself – to be fully equipped with the armour of God. To ask for God’s protection through the sacrament. Some suggestions are here.

For the parts of the world in conflict. Follow this link.

For our church community and the town of Shrewsbury; there is much to give thanks for, and much to pray about: for the peace of God in our town, for the re-emergence of community, for the work of so many agencies helping the disadvantaged.
Please see here for prayers for our town, and (or) go to the Baptist church above Palmer’s Cafe on a Thursday at 9am for an hour to join others.
For members of the church. Pray for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. For the fruit of the Spirit to grow in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.
Give thanks for the appointment of Rev Sam to be our vicar. Also thanks for the team of willing retired clergy who continue to help. Pray for their spiritual insight and guidance in their ministry with us and with the town. Sue Kelly, Rachel Davies are admitted as churchwarden’s at St Chad’s for 2023-4; also John Clark and Liz Raven at St Alkmund’s. Please pray for them: for wisdom, strength and leadership. My we all be part of the team of helpers.

Week by week, the Diocesan Prayer Diary shows you who is praying and when.
Rev. Andy Ackroyd will be leading prayers on behalf of Shrewsbury and Wrekin Deanery on Wednesday at 9:30pm.


A prayer from a recent service in St Chad’s.

God our Father, we come before you in prayer with reverence, with joy, and with holy fear, confident in your love for us.
Jesus our Saviour, you have redeemed us and made us clean; we adore you.
Spirit, you inspire us and direct us; please fill us now and show us more ways in which we can serve.

As we think of the International conflict we pray that, even in the middle of it, small acts of kindness between neighbours, between strangers, may reflect God’s love, and that each act of love may shine like a light in the darkness. Strengthen and inspire, Lord God we pray, the spirits of those who find themselves in a conflict not of their making.

Give wisdom we pray to our church leaders, and the retired clergy who help us. We thank you for their continued service on our behalf. Together with the congregations of all other churches in Shrewsbury, pour out on us all your spirit. We pray for a renewal and re-invigoration of our spiritual awareness. May we all keep a right sense of priorities as we seek both to announce the Good News of Jesus and his saving grace, and to steward this lovely building for future generations, to the Glory of God.

May God’s presence fill us and fill every nook and cranny of our buildings with his peace, the peace that passes understanding. Like the burning bush that was not consumed, may we and our buildings be enveloped in the refining fire of God’s presence through Jesus, so that we may become beacons of hope, lights in the darkness, as we go about our daily lives. Show us, we pray, more ways in which we can serve.

This prayer we offer in Jesus name,