Prayers for yourself

Prayerfully put on the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6), so that you can stand firm in your belief and be a part of God’s kingdom on earth.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for my salvation, which was won through your sacrifice of death on the cross and God’s powerful act of resurrection.  Forgive me my sins, I ask; in the knowledge that sin and death are destroyed.

Thank you for the confidence you give me to approach God: please will you, Lord Jesus, present me, pure, to God.

Abba, Father, may I live a life that promotes your Kingdom each day: may I take a part of your Kingdom with me. Thy Kingdom come.
May I make righteousness and truth a way of life.
In my hourly business may I always seek and promote peace.
Increase, I ask, my faith – made up of belief and trust. I believe, but help my unbelief; and I trust – but teach me to trust more.
And may the Word of God dwell in me and guide me, and may it work through me in my daily life.


As we engage more in prayer, we often encounter spiritual opposition. (1 Peter 5 v 8). Let us pray, then, especially, for God to deliver us from evil. May the blood of Christ, shed for me, cover me so that evil may pass over me. We can pray this prayer for the protection of others, too – prayerfully bring them to God with the same words, using their name in your place.