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An initiative is under development to provide breakfast on a Sunday for any who sleep rough in Shrewsbury. Steve Jones, director of the Shrewsbury Street Pastors, indicates that this will fill an important gap in the provision for them.

The initial target was to provide a Sunday cooked breakfast to whoever has slept rough and wanted one. We trialed that from March-April 2022, and teams of 8 volunteers enjoyed great fellowship (and the cooked breakfast) in the hall. But against all expectations the number of homeless is very low – an initial estimate based on the experience of the Street Pastors quite simply failed to materialise, and the small number of them we found as we walked around preferred to stay asleep. Credit where it is due: Shrewsbury Council’s response to the homeless in the pandemic has been great, and the Ark and No 70 between them are on it, too. We ended up, as the parable has it, on the highways and the byways to (try to) compel them to come in. To no avail.

So we adapted the model. We are now taking out water and cereal bars, fruit etc. to any sleeping rough on a Sunday morning. Pairs of volunteers walk the likely spots to deliver to whom they find. If circumstances change, we will adapt again.

Rotas are sent out by email.


Concerning the original breakfasts project (March – April):

For details of the Initial Meeting, 19 Jan 2022, see Sunrise1.

For details of the Training session, 10 Feb 2022, see Sunrise2.

For paperwork, policies, see Sunrise3.


Can you provide prayer support, please? Specifically for peace and safety in every aspect of the work, for a community to emerge, and that the name of Jesus be apparent in the work.


If you would like to donate towards this, or if you would like to help with this exciting development, please contact the Secretary of St Chad’s PCC, Phil Lapage, if you want to get involved in Sunrise, or wish to offer a donation. The Secretary can be contacted on [email protected]