What is ‘Daylight’? Please see lower down the page.

Next meeting: 18 March, 10am , in the quiet room at St Chad’s.

Please see the prayer page for St Chad’s and also a prayer page about the wider ministry to the town. We are currently in an interregnum; your prayers are very valuable, as always.

What is Daylight?

Daylight is the name of a small group of parishioners with a common aim. Drawing inspiration from the lifestyle of early Christian communities, especially St Benedict, we seek to be a modern day expression in a dispersed community held together by a common commitment. All are welcome, who wish to explore this. We are based loosely on the Community of St Chad, a diocesan-wide group having a similar outlook; lectio divina forms part of our daily prayer life.

Purpose: To respond to an expressed desire for a deeper relationship with God, with each other, and with the community within which we live, by developing a commitment to a spiritual lifestyle centred on three principles: Prayer, Worship, Service.

This leads to the seven practices of grace:

1 With the Grace of God I will seek to give time daily in prayer and reading the bible.

2 With the Grace of God I will join in weekly worship with others.

3 With the Grace of God I will give time each week in service to the community and the environment.

4 With the Grace of God I will prayerfully approach the stewardship of money, giving to the church and the needs of the most vulnerable, moving towards 10% of my resources.

5 With the Grace of God I will give time and space listening to God, others and self.

6 With the Grace of God I commit to meeting regularly with others in the community for support, sharing, learning and study.

7 With the Grace of God I will seek to live a life of stability and obedience to God, staying with the commitments I now make.


With God’s blessing we shall embark on an adventure of faith, leaving the outcome of this journey to God.


A group of 20 or so of us were present to be commissioned in to these Graces, in September 2021. We meet about every 3-4 weeks, often on a Saturday morning.

In reading the bible together the idea of Lectio Divina is used most often. Likewise when reading it by oneself. This is a contemplative way of reading the bible, based on monastic practice established by Benedict in the 6th century. A google search will tell you more.

You can find the Gospel for each week, together with a commentary, here.


You are welcome to join us in developing your response to the seven Graces. Please contact the PCC secretary to express your interest – or just turn up!