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Worshipping God and serving the community.

You are warmly invited to join with us 

The Fifth Sunday of Lent, 26th March

8 a.m.           Holy Eucharist, St Chad’s Church

10 a.m.         Holy Eucharist, St Chad’s Church

10 a.m.         Holy Eucharist, St Alkmund’s Church

6 p.m.           Choral Evensong, St Chad’s Church

8 a.m.   online prayer

10.30 a.m. Holy Eucharist, St Alkmund’s Church

We look forward to worshipping with you.

For our response to

Ukraine, Syria

and concerning the Interegnum

or Winter pressures

and more

please see further down the page.

Who was St Chad? See here for a bit more.

For the Lent courses please see the Lent page, where some notes are also available for further personal study.

For further St Alkmund’s church information click here & for services here.

Current Pew Sheet          Current music scheme

The church building is open for prayer, pilgrimage and visits from 8am – 4pm every day of the week.  

For urgent matters of Pastoral Care please ring 07890 920376

For Communion at Home please advise the church office or email [email protected] and we will be happy to arrange a time for you.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake. Further donations can be made either directly to Disasters Emergency Committee or you can add to the aid we are sending by simply putting a cheque or cash in the collection box in the foyer and labelling it ‘Earthquake’.


A real sense of peace and joy pervaded the appointment day. Following usual procedures no announcement can be made yet – we are waiting for the episcopal go-ahead!
The Benefice Profile and some related prayers are here.

See end of page.


Winter pressures.

1. Warm spaces in winter, details here.

2. Homelessness:
The Ark can help and so can the Council

3. Help the Food Hub here

4. Food/toiletries donations to be delivered to the Ark
can be made in the church vestibule.

My personal journey of faith

My Gospel Weekly.  A daily study for the coming Sunday.

For prayers for yourself, the world, please see here.

Here are some sermons which may be helpful if you are stuck at home or are in need of some food for thought.

For a local and highly recommended meditation course, please see the “what’s on” page; otherwise a useful resource for prayer and meditation is here


Our community journey of faith

Wednesday morning 8am Zoom prayer – all welcome.

Daylight – a monthly meeting

At a recent Daylight meeting we considered a letter forwarded from St Martin in the Fields. It’s worth reading.

Please pray with us for Shrewsbury.



Winter help for Ukraine – please can you help?
(including a message from the Chaplain of St Andrew’s, Moscow.)
And thankyou for your help so far, which also included a tank of fuel.

 GOOD NEWS on finance:
Giving during COVID was well down, and we started 2022 with quite a big financial deficit. But four things changed that: your continued generosity, the replacement of the old Parish Share with the new Common Fund, the hard work of the Treasurer assisted by the Book-keeper and a generous donation-matching scheme from the diocese. Together, we have reduced the deficit from £33,000 to ZERO. We are now debt free.

This links with a more outward looking and missional aspect of our church life. Coincidence? Of course not! Thank you so very much to all who have contributed either through prayer or by participating or by giving. We would encourage you to continue to do any (or all!) as you are able.

Susan Kelly and Joanna Hepper



  Email: [email protected]

The Church Office: 01743 365 478

  Pastoral Emergencies: 07742 858 128

If you would like to join our mailing lists for weekly updates please contact [email protected]

With thanks to Bs0u10e01 for their photo of St Chad’s – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.