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Trinity sign

SIGN OF THE TRINITY ‘The need for Trinity’ “The early Christians worshipped God, they also knew that Jesus was God and that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit who was God to be with them. This complex truth was therefore found embodied in the use of the word Trinity. It is not word which Jesus used, it is not found in the Bible, but it is used to describe what we know about God. This is important! It does not explain God, nobody could do that. It just describes what we know. It is contrary to logic, because what we know about God is beyond our understanding. One day we might be able to understand it, in the same way that we have come to understand that the world is round. But at the moment it is a mystery.” To read more, click here.


“St Chad’s and St Alkmund’s churches seek to be a welcoming, inclusive community of love and service in Shrewsbury, open to God in the adventure of Christian faith.”

(Sunday 29th May – Evensong at 6.00pm CANCELLED due to Cycle Grand Prix)
Prayer is conversation with God. You can talk to him about anything. Try Praying HERE

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 FORTHCOMING CONCERT:  3rd June at 7.30pm a FREE concert at St Chad’s, by Zoe Byers

J S Bach – Complete Works for Solo Violin‘ (click here for more details)

Pewsheet and Current Music Scheme
Keep up to date with St Chad’s Pewsheet, and the current Music and Service List

Shropshire’s Sacrifice
A Roll of Honour for the Great War, and weekly Remembrance Services at St Chad’s


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The Greater Churches Network, Inclusive Church
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